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Stoney Creek Ranch
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Just outside of Houston, Texas, Stoney Creek Ranch is a non-denominational Christian camp that offers unique, inspirational retreats for people of all ages. Our facilities include cabins, an outdoor kitchen, and an outdoor worship area that overlooks the lake. At Stoney Creek Ranch, campers can climb a rock wall, learn archery at the shooting range, and even travel at high speed down a zip line! What's more, Stoney Creek ranch offers urban youth the opportunity to have a true summer camp experience with our Summer Urban Initiative Camp.

For Stoney Creek Ranch, we wanted their new website to feel as if users have stepped into the outdoors and are ready to explore. It had to be fun and interactive, too, like a real summer camp, so we incorporated plenty of imagery and textures that take us back to when we’d play outdoors during the summer. Using this as our inspiration, we then focused our attention on organization and user-friendliness. The new website features plenty of custom sidebars, videos and galleries. Visit the website to view them all!

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