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Website Updates

There's nothing quite like the most recent information being available with a click of a button. We can make sure your website is up-to-date at your discretion, whether it be periodically or more frequently. News updates, product additions and image gallery updates are all a small part of what we do to make your company stay on top.

We can make website updates from any type of content management platform, whether it is from FTP access to your website or from Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla or etc. Backyard Studios can add or take away imagery, graphics and pages.

We have had clients that want a face-lift for their website instead of having something completely new made because they like what they have but are looking for a fresher look. We can also add up-to-date social media bars and Google Maps. Upgrading current functionality like contact forms and navigation will keep your website updated and on the pulse of the newest trends.

Backyard Studios will also analyze your keywords to make sure the content is still cohesive and relevant, along with updating content and imagery for your website. Anything can be done, all you have do is ask.

San Antonio Website Updates & Maintenance