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Deformers: A New Video Game, A New Website

What is Deformers… it is an upcoming video game from the Ready at Dawn Studios, known for such games as the God of War series, Okami, and Daxter. Unlike any other video game produced so far, Deformers is backed by the retail company GameStop. While we can’t reveal too much about this upcoming game, we can tell you this: it’s definitely squishy, fun, and violent. There’s no shortage of chaos in this multiplayer game for XBOX One, PS4, and PC.

NoodleHaus, a digital firm based in California, gave us the opportunity to create a fun, quirky website that is meant to be viewed on every device. The colorful elements and the squishy characters take center stage at every level, from iPhones to iPads, Androids to Amazon Kindles. Here you can keep up with the latest news and game updates, as well as download your favorite character wallpaper. You can view all of their trailers and announcements on the website, too! A live countdown for Ready at Dawn’s Twitch channel lets you know when the next game streaming is happening. Try it yourself! We’re sure you’ll love the website as much as we do.

Keep an eye out for Deformers (Rolling in Soon)! Keep an eye out for us, too: it’s almost awards season, and we couldn’t be more excited to show off all of this year’s creations.


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